The Gazette


Like many journalists, I got my first taste of reporting in university at my campus newspaper. The Gazette was – and is – something special.

When I was at Western University (2006 – 2011) the Gazette was the only daily student newspaper in Canada – it was a unique opportunity to experience the deadlines of a real newsroom.

I spent four years at the paper working as a news staff writer in ’07, a news editor in ’08, an associate editor in ’09 and in my last year I was elected by the staff to work full-time as Managing Editor.

Click on the links for a listing of my published articles.

Feature Articles / Special Layouts in PDF form

  1. Judging Music – April 2, 2009 (Front Page)
  2. Grade Expectations – Dec. 3, 2008 (Front Page)
  3. Copy Rights – Sept. 5, 2008 (Front Page)
  4. Queer Services – Nov. 14, 2008 (Page 16)
  5. Gender Bender – Feb. 11, 2009 (Center Spread – Pages 18 and 19)

Photography and Layout

  1. “Tithecott takes it” – Feb. 11, 2010 (Front Page) Photo
  2. “Staying One Step Ahead” – Jan. 13, 2010 (Front Page)  Graphic and Layout
  3. Gazette Sex Issue – Feb. 11, 2009 (Entire Issue) Photo Assistant and Creative Input
  4. Forum discusses curbing culture of violence in hockey (Front Page)  Photo

*Please note this is not a complete record of all contributions to The Gazette. Some articles are not available online.