“This Was Her Time” – Radio Documentary



“Kathy Wardle’s final wish was that she would be one of the last Canadians forced to travel abroad to legally end her life on her own terms.”

The documentary: “This was her time,” aired on CBC Radio One’s Sunday Edition on May 31, 2015. 

This project is dear to my heart. I was able to work with two very special women to create this documentary. It was a privilege to speak with Kathy and Lesley during such an intimate and difficult time in their lives.


Montreal’s decrepit housing and the people who live there


My latest investigation with CBC News looked into the decrepit housing conditions in Montreal. In daily news, we rarely get the opportunity to look at the bigger picture. How do people end up trapped in Montreal’s run-down apartment buildings? Why aren’t local and provincial governments doing more?

Here’s a series of stories I rolled out on TV, web and radio that examine the problem of low-income housing in Montreal.

The ‘depressing’ future of affordable housing in Montreal:

Low-income Montrealers forced to choose squalor or the streets, tenants’ groups say



When John found out the City of Montreal would be evacuating his building, he felt it was like winning the lottery.

“It’s like now, I’m going to move into heaven after three years.”

John is lucky – he’s leaving behind the rats for an apartment he describes as “a palace.”

But there are more than 53,000 Montrealers waiting for social housing; most of them will wait an average of four years before they get a spot.

Tenants’ rights advocates are afraid a recent funding loss means that’s only about to get worse.

Radio Debrief (Live): Tenant takes landlord to court

Listen to the full radio interview here on Daybreak Montreal

Listen to the full radio interview here

CBC’s Jaela Bernstien bring Daybreak the story of a Montreal man who will be in court today to face off against his landlord. Tejinder Singh says his landlord kicked him out of an apartment that belonged to him and owes him thousands of dollars.

Montreal landlord to get $130K subsidy despite court challenge

Montreal landlord to get $130K subsidy despite court challenge

Watch full video here


“Sometimes we think, in the mind of central city… tenants from Montreal [are] not important. It is the building and the relations with the owner [that are important].”


Montreal refugee refuses to back down, takes landlord all the way to the Quebec Superior Court:

CBC News: Montreal tenant takes landlord to the Quebec Superior Court

Watch full video here


“It’s my apartment because I have, by law, the authority to go back”


Who’s driving your cab?


image of a taxi

After hearing the stories of several women who told me they’d been sexually assaulted or harassed by taxi drivers in Montreal, I started digging. As I looked for information on what kind of safeguards there are in place, it turns out that nowhere in Quebec are taxi drivers screened for criminal records.

Link to TV news story about taxi safety

Watch the full story here

Now Transport Minister Robert Poëti is vowing to fix that.

Read the full story here: Robert Poëti vows to enforce taxi driver background checks

Kôna: new video game puts northern Quebec in spotlight


I had the opportunity to speak with some brilliant video game developers a few weeks ago about how their Quebec-themed games.

Based on the testimonials from video game experts and retailers in Montreal, Kona and Sang-Froid are the ONLY video games of their kind on the market (or about to be on the market). Both of them are based in Quebec, use Quebec musicians for their folksy soundtracks, and even feature French narration.

Kona claims to be one of the world's first truly Québécois video games

Kona the video game captures Quebec culture

Feel like fighting werewolves as a lumberjack? Or how about solving a mystery, on a snowmobile, while fighting off a Wendigo and dealing with an aboriginal land claim dispute? 

If you want a unique indie gaming experience, check them out!

Full story here via CBC Montreal: Snowmobiles, lumberjacks and video games

First world report story – Alexandre Paul returns home


I had the opportunity to pick up some extra radio shifts over the holidays, and was excited to have one of my radio pieces make it to CBC’s World Report! It was wonderful story as well – Greenpeace activist Alexandre Paul had just received the news that he would be returning home from Russia.  I was able to interview his mother, in French, who called it a belated Christmas present.

Click below to listen to the full story.

The high price of being a woman


When Quebec Solidaire candidate Manon Massé elected to go for the natural look in her campaign posters, she inspired headlines and a social media storm. For one, Massé was dressed unusually casual for a politician in a jean jacket with her frizzy hair worn down. But what drew the most attention was her upper-lip hair.

Ever wonder how much it costs to be a female? The social pressure on women to maintain their appearance comes at a serious cost. Statistics Canada reports that women spent $23 million more than men on their clothing so far in 2012.

Click here to read the rest of my latest column and infographic at Rabble.ca 

 Infographic - the price of being a woman