Kôna: new video game puts northern Quebec in spotlight

I had the opportunity to speak with some brilliant video game developers a few weeks ago about how their Quebec-themed games.

Based on the testimonials from video game experts and retailers in Montreal, Kona and Sang-Froid are the ONLY video games of their kind on the market (or about to be on the market). Both of them are based in Quebec, use Quebec musicians for their folksy soundtracks, and even feature French narration.

Kona claims to be one of the world's first truly Québécois video games
Kona the video game captures Quebec culture

Feel like fighting werewolves as a lumberjack? Or how about solving a mystery, on a snowmobile, while fighting off a Wendigo and dealing with an aboriginal land claim dispute? 

If you want a unique indie gaming experience, check them out!

Full story here via CBC Montreal: Snowmobiles, lumberjacks and video games