Orienting Sexuality and Gender: Infographic

Lately the sexuality and gender continuum has been on my mind. For many years I thought of sexual orientation and gender in terms of a scale or continuum — at one end there is heterosexuality and at the other is homosexuality and most people fall somewhere in between the two. Of course, terms like “homosexuality” and “heterosexuality” become problematic since they term sexuality in clinical wording. Dividing people into binaries (male/female, straight/gay) leads to a whole slew of problems since many people simply do not fit into a single, specific category.

Being a visual person, I found myself struggling to find a way to imagine these complicated concepts. On one hand, we as people crave categorization – we obsessively judge, define, explain and fit each person we encounter into a box on our internalized chart of stereotypes and worldviews. While doing so, however, most of us also acknowledge these categorizations are rarely the complete picture of any individual. So how can we represent something so fluid as gender and sexuality? I propose my humble solution: