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Magdalen Islanders leave Lapierre family funeral filled with sense of hope



When a tree is shaken by the violence of the winds and its life seems threatened, it takes refuge in its roots,” Father Gosselin told the crowded Saint-François-Xavier du Bassin Church during Friday’s funeral service.

“That’s what we’ve been living in our family and in our community for the past week: We all have the reflex to go home … to nourish ourselves from the comfort that comes from being together — as if to save our lives with love.”

That love is tangible on the islands as the tight-knit community mourns alongside the Lapierre family.

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Jaela Bernstien Confronts ‘FHRITP’ Hecklers On Camera


Click here to watch an excerpt from a panel discussion about the FHRITP phenomenon with CBC’s Andrew Nichols

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An excerpt from an article in the Huffington Post follows:

Here’s a message to anyone who yells out “f**k her right in the p***y” on camera: journalists are not putting up with you anymore.

CBC Montreal reporter Jaela Bernstien was conducting an interview on a street when out of frame, some male voices could be heard heckling and yelling the vulgar phrase that often targets female TV journalists.

Bernstien then confronted the men, in a video she posted to her Facebook account.

*Warning: Graphic language*